Friday, April 14, 2006

Catalogue available at:
The Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade
Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art/
Press to Exit project space Skopje

ISBN 978-86-906911-1-1

text: curator, participating artists and TV debate director
Language: Serbian, English and Macedonian
Design: Neda Firfova
Photo: Srdjan Veljovic
Impression: 800
Print: Caligraph, Belgrade


TV Politika, September
TV1, September
ART TV, October

MRTV, October

in collaboration with Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art/ and Protok Banja Luka
Bosnia and Herzegovina

April 23 - April 28
Press to Exit Project Space Skopje
Republic of Macedonia

March 02
The Museum of Contemporary Art Banja Luka
In collaboration with Protok Association, Banja Luka
Bosnia and Herzegovina

installation and screenings
February 28 - March 14
The Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade
Republic of Serbia

screenings start: 13 | 15 | 17

newspaper Politika column
Feb 17 - 01 Mar '07
On Freedom and the Streets of Belgrade
Hristina Ivanoska / MK

In February 2007, in the newspaper Politika, a daily column under the name On Freedom and the Streets of Belgrade will be published. Macedonian artist Hristina Ivanoska did research on streets' names in Belgrade, focusing on women's names of the streets. From this starting point, she continued her research on biographies of the certain women who contributed to their emancipation in the Balkan region.
The column consists of 13 articles. Photos of women and streets bearing women’s names follow each article.

TV series
- TV Politika
, Feb 28 at 20pm
- TV BHTV 1, the Kitchen SCCA/ TV show, April 19 at 23pm
Open Studio of New Belgrade Chronicle
Tanja Ostojic / DE
Camera: David Rych / AT

Open Studio of New Belgrade Chronicle is a TV series consists of two episodes that are going to be launched through TV Politika program in February 2007, and BHTV1 in April 2007. One episode is questioning Roma minority position in Belgrade, and the second one is about citizens of Zvezdara - a Belgrade community - who are putting great effort to protect a park in their neighborhood for months.

advertising campaign
newspapers, magazines, radio
dec/jan/feb/mar '06/'07

billboard campaign
Feb 26 / Mar 11, Belgrade


Dejan Kaludjerovic / AT

Europoly, the project of Dejan Kaludjerovic will be advertised through marketing strategies, from the newspapers, radio, and TV ads and commercials over billboards and leaflets to the final product market, which will be created in the form of industrial product of a social game similar to Monopole. This piece of work is questioning the position of emigrants in EU, as well as the idea of EU. Later on, it is planned the artwork to be distributed through the museum shops.

Film projection
KCB, Belgrade Cultural Center Cinema
04. May, 2006
time: 20.00h

Sylvia Kristel - Paris (2003)

a film by Manon de Boer

Sylvia Kristel – Paris is a documentary movie about pop icon from 70’s, a Dutch actress and model well known for her role in the famous soft-core movie Emmanuelle from 1974, one of the most successful French films ever.

"In most of my work, there’s an element of doubt in relation to interpretation. For instance in the film Sylvia Kristel – Paris Kristel speaks twice, with an interval of one year, about the time that she lived in Paris. The two stories are different, but you can’t say that one of the two is true and the other false. "
"I want the viewers to question the stability of identity by introducing doubt, but also by separating sound, image and text. The different elements that construct a film or a work are put into dialogue with one another. Instead of creating a homogenous whole with which the viewer can identify, the viewer is always held on a slight distance, which can create a critical space."

Manon de Boer
from the interview "Video Portrait" with G. Petrovic.
In a newspaper Danas, April 5th, 06.
KCB, Belgrade Cultural Center Cinema
04. May, 2006
time: 21.00h

La Marge (1976)

a film by Walerian Borowczyk
starring: Sylvia Kristel, Joe Dallesandro

Director Walerian Borowczyck uses minimal dialogue, uncomfortable body language, and sharply contrasted shades of light and dark to weaken any hint of developing passion or mounting sexuality. With these precious image, the viewer is drawn into a visually complex, psychosexual morality play, starring the sexually seductive Sylvia Kristel as the streetwalker Diana, and the sensually stunning Joe Dallesandro as the seemingly happily married Sigimond.
This film is a modern masterpiece depicting adults who are unable to differentiate between love and lust.

This film is also known as
Emmanuelle '77
The Streetwalker (eng.),
Uličarka (serb.)...
The Disappearance of Public Space
Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
08.04 - 16.04.2006.

Opening time: 07.08.2006, at 19h


Katarina Popovic / Edition #1
Urtica / Social Engine
Mirna Arsovska / Kako si?

Curated by:
Goran Petrovic

Newspaper 'Danas'
April 05, 2006

On the occasion of the project start, first part of the 'catalogue' will be published in the form of a daily newspaper and as a supplement to a particular weekly release, being distributed together in 30.000 copies in Serbia (Newspaper DANAS, Belgrade, 5th April, 2006 ).

On four colored pages of text, pictures, adverts, interview and future project's announcements, the most direct description of the project's artistic strategy can be seen. Curator is an editor, and artists are writers and photographers of the supplement.

Editor/curator: Goran Petrovic
Texts/artists: Hristina Ivanoska, Sinisa Ilic, Tanja Ostojic, Goran Petrovic, Katarina Popovic, Yane Calovski i Violeta Vojvodic
Photo and illustrations: artists
Design: Zoran Spahic, Danas

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